Vilniaus Paukštynas

Derrick Lin


Design: FOLK design agency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Meat
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Two different poultry companies owned by the same owner – Kauno Grūdai group – had a product range of more than 200 different SKUs. The range consisted of a number of completely different products, different types of packaging and to top it off, was branded in a myriad different ways. A new umbrella brand “Vištiena kitaip” was introduced to unify the unruly range.

We have created a common symbol – an engraved chicken – that worked as the main visual anchor for the new product line. It was used on every design as a background, as it’s the only common denominator throughout the whole line of products. Plus, that is exactly the information a customer is looking for when scanning the shelves: pork, pork, pork, …poultry, bingo!

Then we added a common color scheme and typography to be used throughout the different lines of packaging.

The new designs were well accepted by both the customers and the supermarkets: they stood out in the supermarket clutter and were perceived as being of better quality. Better shelf communication resulted in better sales and Vištiena Kitaip was awarded Brand of the Year 2016 by local business daily Verslo Žinios.