Designer: Yuval Ezov
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shenkar College
Course: Branding
Tutor: Yoav G.
Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
Packaging Contents: Pizza, Garlik Bread, Tabasco, Drinks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Cardboard, Paper, Craft Paper
Printing Process: Laser cut, Digital printing, Stamps

During my studies at Shenkar Visual Communication College, I was asked to design a new branding for Pizzeria.

For me, each time I take a bite from a pizza – my mind explode. Its a crazy feeling! like a glitch in my whole body.

That’s why I decided to brand it with “explosions” like volcano eruption. I chose the name “Volcan” Pizza. and then I just run with it…

“VOLCAN PIZZA” its a new, cool, young pizzeria that you can order any topping you would like, and find many new tastes and goooood vibes!