Design: Getbrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mistral
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Oatmeal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

A task:
The main problem was the wrong communication with the consumer: the packaging depicted various supplements and fruits that were not inside. Those who searched for cereals with flavors, eventually became disappointed, and those who wanted to buy a simple oatmeal, was just passing by. As a result, the product was losing its buyer. The mock-up of the package also had a number of shortcomings. A small logo huddled in the corner. The inscription “Hot breakfast – healthy day” merged and was difficult to perceive. Due to the density and congestion of the text, it was difficult to understand what kind of product it actually was and why it was worth buying.

It was necessary to make communication more distinct and charismatic, without losing the corporate stylistics of “Mistral”.

First we determined the positioning of the product: oatmeal is a quick and useful breakfast for the whole family. This is the basic product to start a perfect day. Morning associated with a yellow color and bright sun rays. At the bottom of the package we placed a large bowl with an appetizing hot porridge, which is enough to save energy until lunch.

The brand element of “Mistral” – a colored ribbon – helps to distinguish different types of cereals within the same line. It became an active element in the design, highlighting the main compositional blocks: logo, product name and the inscription “Useful family breakfast”. Due to a clear structure, all important information can be easily read. The image of the cereals at the top of the package renders the usefulness and naturalness of the ingredients.

The peculiarity of Mistral flakes is the use of the unique BIO STEAM technology, thanks to which the use of whole grains is preserved as much as possible during processing. We highlighted this information on the front of the package.

Due to pictograms and infographics, all the advantages of the product are revealed to the buyer in an easy and accessible way.

On the reverse side we described the idea “Together even tastier”: thanks to toppings, which perfectly match with porridge, breakfast becomes brighter and tastier. Using the ribbon to demonstrate a diverse range of additives, we offer the buyer a scope for experiments and finding favorite combinations of tastes.

“Mistral” cereals are an excellent choice for a healthy breakfast for the whole family, each of which can pick up its favorite toppings. Start the day with a plate of your favorite porridge in the company of your loved ones!