Goral Plum and Goral Pear

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Derrick Lin


Manufacturer : DanCo Decor Company
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Alcohol, Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Glass packaging

Our long-term partner, the company GAS Familia from Slovakia, continues expanding its products line and we a proud to take part in creation of its glass packaging again. The new project of the company “DANCO DECOR” is decoration of bottles for the new brands of Slovak spirits Goral Plum and Goral Pear.

The rich history of the Gorals, small ethnic group living at the foothills of the High Tatras, is vividly reflected in everything what was created by these proud and strong mountaineers: picturesque national costumes, way of life formed by harsh living conditions, and, of course, traditional drinks, whose ancient recipes were used by the technologists of the company GAS Familia.

The pure spring water flowing down from the top of the Tatra Mountains and exceptional high-quality fruits grown in the ecologically clean area are used for production of the Goral spirits. Selective varieties of plums enrich Goral Plum with an exquisite natural flavor while multi-stage distillation provides unsurpassed purity and softness. Only high-quality Williams pears are allowed for production of Goral. The traditional methods of fermentation and distillation, as well as modern technologies for processing of ripe fruits and cleaning distillates give the new spirits their unique taste and flavor.

The decoration of glass bottles made by the company “DANCO DECOR” reflects the national features of the Gorals’ culture. The brave mountain man wearing his white shirt, bright sheepskin jacket, decorated with manual embroidery and traditional national feathered hat, rests supporting himself on a wooden staff with an axe-like heading, which accompanied every Goral man in his peaceful labor or on the battlefield. The obligatory design elements are snow-capped peaks of the Tatras and juicy ripe fruits at the foot of the mountains and the traditional national ornament of the Gorals reasonably completes the composition.

The specialists of DANCO DECOR chose chemical etching for works on this design. It creates the effect of light frost and pleasant tactile roughness of the glass surface. The method of multi-color screen-printing used for creating the image provides brightness, color saturation and high durability of the decor.

The secret of the new flavored Goral spirits’ success is hidden in combination of the centuries-old traditions of the Tatra’s Gorals, unique quality of the GAS Familia’s products and modern technologies applied by DANCO DÉCOR for decoration of glass bottles.