La Maison du Chocolat – Global Design


Design: 2S Global Design
Artistic Director: Florence Béziès
Creative Director: Sophie Schott
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: La Maison du Chocolat
Location: Paris, France
Packaging Contents: Chocolate

As real partners of la Maison du Chocolat, we develop steadily global concepts (from packaging to merchandising) in order to boost network of more than forty shops located in France and abroad.

Christmas Reindeer
For Christmas 2013, we created a topic that has inspired the master chocolatier for his work and spread on the packaging and the merchandising.

It’s a tale around Rodolphe the reeinder who, accompanied of his fellows, dashs towards Christmas Fairy.

What’s Unique?
The whole universe created around Rodolphe the Reeinder and the design that reminds Christmas Fairy.