Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: Danco Decor
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bayadera Group
Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Screen-printing, partial painting

The success which abrade borders and unite continents

Have you ever created a portrait of a successful modern person in your imagination? Let us do it together. It is a young, free, independent, active, self-confident person, who is permanently searching own life way, who is always opened for new experiences and strives for experimenting. This person is a cosmopolitan, distinguished by the desire to see and feel as much as life can offer. What is more one craves new discoveries and achievements, does not want to be tied to one place, the life credo is endless motion. What is waiting such a person tomorrow? Definitely it is new success, which is perfect to be celebrated with a drink of winners.

What kind of beverage is this? It is certainly vodka RADA Premium which (as well as our hero) conquers the world, erases barriers, fits into any situation and resides on all continents at once. It tends to be the main ingredient in any cocktail, uniting people, forming new tastes and creating new companies, breaking linguistic and national barriers.

What is vodka RADA premium like? It is young, fast-paced, pure product, breathing with energy, pulsing in a single rhythm with megalopolis, living in it and with it, rushing forward among the skyscrapers and absorbing city lights, radiating the energy of life, speed, joy and success.

The previous bottle design for vodka RADA made the world acquainted with the traditional alcoholic drink, that has a five-hundred-year history. The long history of RADA vodka was previously emphasized by the font chosen for decoration and the red wax seal, which in ancient times was reassured by the royal and imperial personalities. The updated decor tells about the cosmopolitan character of the drink and those who make their choice in its favor, abandoning stereotypes, conventions and frames. Since this drink is created for a leader whose life flows in big cities, elements of decor are attributes of a large modern city – skyscrapers, highways and multi-level road junctions. “Hero of Our Time” and the project Rada Premium is ready to take risks if leading for new experience and vivid emotions. This person is definitely not a reckless player, ready to put own life on the line for “a minute of glory.” It is a wise young person, who knows for sure that success is not a win in lotto, but the result of many years of hard work, gaining experience and knowledge. Therefore, when rushing along the highway on a heavy motorcycle, smoothly descending from the sky on a parachute or, like the hero of the film “Walking”, passing through a tightrope stretched between skyscrapers, this guy knows exactly what one wants and how to achieve the goal. For the RADA Premium project, specialists of «DANCO DECOR» have used gradient painting of the bottom of the bottles. This method provides a smooth transition from a more saturated color to a clear, crystal top of the bottle. Coating is carried out on modern automatic equipment of the UK production, the process completely corresponds to all quality norms and requirements of the European standardization.

The image on the front part of the bottle is made by silk screen printing technology. Attention is drawn to the fine study of the smallest details of the picture, that transmits the basic concept of design. The equipment used by the «DANCO DECOR» company allows to apply up to eight different colors in one printing passage, creating a complex multi-color pattern in one automatic cycle. Subsequent drying-firing at a temperature of about 600°С reliably fixes the image on glass, making it exceptionally resistant to mechanical damages and chemical effects of liquids used for bottling of spirits.

What’s Unique?
The task was to draw attention of younger target auditory to the brand previously oriented for elder customers. The deep rebranding was carried out and the design of the new glass packaging for RADA Premium has gained the details spiritually close to the Generation Y. As the decorators of glass containers, we selected bright colors for painting and images printed with very thin lines looking like drawing with a pencil.