Penoterm Insulation Products – Redesigned

Funky® Agency

Design: Funky Business Branding Agency
Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
Designers: Ilya Tumaikin, Sergey Ryadovoy
3D, retouch: Konstantin Simonov
Project managers: Anna Raskova, Yulia Ugrumova
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Penoterm
Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Insulation Products

It’s interesting to observe brand’s transformation after upgrade. Thanks to the agency Funky Business from Ekaterinburg there will be one more such story. They made rebranding for the company Penoterm — well-known manufacturer of insulating materials.

The positioning basis on a simple and intuitive insight — everyone wants to use products of the latest technological developments. And Penoterm has its own R&D service that conducts scientific research with Russian and foreign research institutes, new products are immediately replaced obsolete ones on shelves. This idea was reflected in the new slogan «Contemporary. Always».

The new logo is made in form of a capital letter P, which resembles a roll, Penoterm products are sold exactly in this package. The main color is a cold blue, it conveys mood of the brand well: technological, modern, scientific approach. The agency also created template for different SKUs, where the logo occupies one part, and second part is occupied by information about product. This label is visible on shelf, it works well for memorability.

The new image of Penoterm looks fresh, easy and modern, that for the manufacturer of such specialized products is rare. The company recently concluded exclusive contracts with such major networks as «OBI», «Leroy Merlin». Soon, their updated products will appear on shelves of these stores.