The Vegetarian Butcher’s

Derrick Lin


Design: Sean Valies
Project Type: Concept
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Vegetarian Meat, Meat, Sausage, File American, Smoked sausage, rookworst
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

This project was an open contest for the third BNO Packaging Talent Awards. The assignment was to design a packaging line for the already existing products and/or the new vegetarian smoked sausage of the “De Vegetarische Slager” (The Vegetarian butcher) in the Netherlands.

This design won first prize and takes the taste of “smoked sausage” and the ingredients as core elements. The Art Nouveau-style illustration represents soybeans which is a main ingredient in most vegetarian products. These two elements create a good balance for the vegetarian sausage, and make you as a buyer feel this vegetarian smoked sausage tastes even better than normal.

As the jury stated: “The playful typography and Art Nouveau-style illustrations connect one-on- one with the logo of the Vegetarian Butcher and at the same time gives its own subtle dimension to the package as a whole. The packaging is simple, inviting and evokes associations with a butcher.”