Artisan’s Alchemy

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Derrick Lin


Design: Simón Londoño Sierra
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: La Caleñita, hand made Jewlry
Location: Cali, Colombia
Packaging Contents: Medium bag, samll bag, medium box, small box.
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Hand-made paper, plastic mate laminate, golden foil.
Printing Process: Letterpress

La Caleñita is a Colombian brand dedicated to distribute hand-made products created by local artisans.

For the jewelry line we designed this special packaging set of two kind boxes and bags which could communicate the high quality of this line products and being able to separate them of the other products lines. The illustration tells the power of the hand-made artwork, the process, the magic and the femenin focus the jewerly has.

Golden foil printed on letterpress, used to emphasize on the gold material most of the jewels are made of.

What’s Unique?
The letterpress printing process, the full and golden foil and the shapefull and narrative illustration wwhich is the face of the brand through the packaging.