Hoseo University Student Projects 2018

Derrick Lin


Check out the packaging projects of visual communication design students of Hoseo University, Korea. Student projects have always displayed ideas and creativity not bounded by any restrictions.

Wish by Kwon, ChaeHyun
Packaging Contents: vegetable seed
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

City farmers are growing together with the increase of people’s interest in the environment. With the growing interest in City farmers the seed market was thought to have to be advanced. So I made Eco vegetable seeds. If you tear open the wrapping paper along the cutting line and plant it on the ground, the Eco paper will rot and become a natural fertilizer. chemical fertilizers are not used, making it environmentally and convenient for City farmers. To inform the good intentions of the product, they used a soft color and felt friendly using a Pile structure that resemble the shape of a seed.

Men’s shampoo made of Kelp by Park Ji Won
Packaging Contents: Shampoo
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital print

The development of the men’s Kelp shampoo brand is aimed at developing a strong representative male shampoo. Brand that responds to changes in male consumers in the modern era and strengthens differentiation from competitors. Interest in natural-function shampoo is increasing, but in order to meet the needs of male consumers , we have to think about the effective natural ingredients.

Conventional shampoo products emphasize the function of certain ingredients, but do not provide information on raw materials. In addition, most functional components are chemical additives that can cause various side effects. Therefore, the goal is to make functional shampoo that reduces the risk of side effects by using natural materials. There is a wide variety of shampoo in the market, but not a shampoo with a kelp. We are trying to use the ingredients of a kelp to drive changes in the shampoo market.

Using a kelp in line with the cosmetics and beauty industry, which varies according to consumer demand, can help Korean companies advance into the global market. Since the kelp is a material that comes from the sea, it designed a shampoo package with wave, whirlpool, and tears keywords as its brand concept.

Vegetable Scrub by Kim. Tae Hoon
Packaging Contents: Scrub
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Print

If fine grains fall into the water, the existing scrubbing system will be destroyed by polluting the sea and eating them. And because humans eat fish that eat fine grains, it can cause a third defeat. So instead of fine grains, we developed a vegetable scrub to improve the skin’s beauty and protect the environment and ecosystem in the water by placing an effective vegetable component on the fiber and skin improvement of vegetables.

The main target was selected as a woman in her 30s and was designed to be trusted and purchased by consumers by combining graphics and photos with their preferred elegant and sophisticated feel design and image keywords such as vegetables, microorganisms, skin improvement and treatment.

Vegetables developed a series of four effective branches, cucumbers, potatoes, and carrots.

Maskpack Package Design by Jeongsu Lee
Packaging Contents: Face mask
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Dellacure is a mixed word using della and cure. It is a mask brand using nuts as a main component. Our masks are natural, ecofriendly, and high-functional by helping skin regeneration.

There are four kinds of masks; cashew nut, almond, walnut, and macadamia. Cashew nut mask is for maintaining skin mucous membrane, almond mask is for anti-aging, walnut mask is good for atopy and some dermatitises, and macadamia mask is for promoting skin regeneration and maintaining elasticity with lots of minerals.

배려Cook(Care Cook) by Cho Kyung Ha
Packaging Contents: marine product
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
Printing Process: color print

‘배려Cook’ is a functional marine product compressed and processed into a hexahedron shape for easy cooking and storage.
Modern people who are busy every day with school and working have to eat something light or simple or have no time to eat a meal. Therefore, we need to reduce the time of preparation and cooking. Although there is a simple product such as HMR which is a food that can be easily eaten by reducing the preparation time of the meal, I thought it would be better if there were a simple food that could be eaten to a different recipe depending on the taste of a consumer. So the food product that I have created is ‘배려Cook’.

‘배려Cook’ is packed with 54 or 81 pieces of flesh cut into cubes. One piece can be cut off and baked in a frying pan to make grilled fish, and also can be boiled with sauce for a hot soup. In addition to shortening the time required for a typical marine dish, its methods are various, so it can accommodate the various tastes of consumers.

As a well-being fishery food emphasizes functionality and convenience in the well-being era, I selected mackerel, hairtail, yellow corvina, and salmon which most of the Koreans enjoy Mackerel and salmon, especially high in DHA content of omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein are good for the prevention of hyperlipidemia. The EPA content is also high, preventing hypertension and stroke. Hairtail has high unsaturated fat content to prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis; and yellow corvina has a lot of Vitamin D which makes kidney function smooth.

The brand name is ‘배려(care) Cook’, which means a food easy for consumers to eat. The shape of the brand “cook” is similar to a fish shape to indicate that it is a seafood. The shape of the letters “배려” has cubic angles while their color is painted in black, which gives us a sense of confidence.

On the other hand, the letters “cook” are set in sensitive and soft red type, which may symbolize a warm heart and a feeling of consideration.

All sides of the wrapping paper (top, bottom, left and right) are designed to be congruent so that you can buy several and pile up one by one neatly. The design enables you to untilize space economically when you store the food. It is made possible to utilize economical space for storage. Especially, the fish-shaped wrapping paper is modeled after the masterpiece of world-renowned artist and mathematician Alfred Escher. In his work, we can see a lot of fish shaped like a puzzle, but I have only seen pictures and have never seen them in reality. So I applied the motif to this practical product that I made. If you build it up, you can see the shape of fish that can be shown in Escher’s work. I emphasized freshness by putting photographs of fresh fish bouncing in the print, and also I stresses the functionality and fun to let you know immediately what kind of product it is by arranging the patterns of the fillets in a cube shape in the fish body.

I chose that from the desire to help because Daesang was difficult to overcome the market share of competitors such as Ottogi and CJ Cheiljedang for many years. In addition, Chungjungwon which is one of the most well-known food brands in Daesang, was chosen as the fastest way to increase the share of Daesang.

‘배려Cook’ considers three points for consumer’s diet. First of all, it is a simple cooking method to reduce the preparation time, Secondly, it is easy to save space in the refrigerator or on shelf, Third, it makes its consumer cook in various cooking methods according to his or her taste. I hope that if this thoughtful product is put to practical use, it will make a great contribution to the economic eating habits and lifestyle of modern people.

Pasta Package By Yi Rum,park
Packaging Contents: Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

My package is a pasta made from grain. The grains have the necessary nutrients for the body. And because the pasta is the product that people all over the world enjoy, I made pasta made from oats.

It is composed of 4 kinds in total. Brown rice, glutinous millet, red beans, black beans. My package was designed to look like a field. I emphasized that it is a pasta made of cereals from the fields, and I used the curves to give a natural feeling. The color of each grain was different, and each pasta was illustrated and made to match the contents of the package.

In the seed-like part of the field, actual photographs of grains were used to make it easy for consumers to recognize. The meaning of my logo is means to eat grain together. Chinese characters are words for grain.

frugO by Lee Suin
Packaging Contents: Tropical Fruit Plant
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Painting

FrugO (Prugio), a container for tropical fruit, is a blend word of ‘fruit’ and ‘go’. The meaning behind the word is ‘to bear fruits’. It was named in that way to encourage individuals to ‘eat a lot of fruits’.
Because of the environmental changes caused by global warming, the cultivation of crops has diversified, and the ‘urban agriculture’, a crop growing trend that will take responsibility for human food in the future, has emerged. As the need for gardening container grew naturally, ‘frugO’ was born to meet this demand.

The four fruits to grow in the containers are passion fruits, avocados, mangos and pineapples.

As a part of the urban gardening, fruits are good to grow in place of ordinary plants. They are appropriate to grow in containers and also provide nutrients that keep one’s body healthy. The primary customers are single women in their 20’s and married women in their 30’s with children. For this reason, we emphasized designs that show usability and products well, and fit comfortably into everyday life. Del Monte, a leader in fruit and vegetable industry that supplies quality fruits to more than 100 countries around the world, was chosen as the brand.

Existing markets showed a single form of package only used to contain fruit. We tried to generate an environmentally friendly image, while adding an aesthetic element to the design. In creating logotype, we tried to build a consumer-centered, yet emotional image such as leaves, water droplets on the surface of fruits, and etc. The colors consist of fresh, popping colors that match eco-friendly fruits or tropical fruits.
The package was intentionally designed to make the container stand out. To make the leaves of the fruit to look fresher, we used an image that is stretching out. We also put straps on it, in order to carry it around easily.

Depending on each fruit type, we used different colors and images. Uniformity and boredom found in traditional packages are nowhere to find. The Tropical fruit container, FrugO, will take a larger part of your daily life.

Well-Don by Baek, Jong Ha
Packaging Contents: Meat
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Laser printing

Well-don, a meat-processing food combining vegetables and meat, is a new product to efficiently respond to changes in consumers seeking healthy food, enabling consumers to come to the market through the development of powerful products that will enhance their competitiveness. It’s designed to cater to the needs of consumers who are looking for healthier, healthier food, and nutrition-rich, food that is responsible for my child’s health. The overall design features meat tendon shapes with base layers on the front of the package, giving a strong contrast with the black label. The logo-type design gave a premium impression of the design with the golden color, and the pig’s ears and tail were designed in motion. Naming was two syllables to maximize legibility and soundness of the design. Adding premium to meat, ‘well-don’ is a package that matches both high quality and health.

Min’d by Choi Daeun
Packaging Contents: Diffuser
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Min’D is a diffuser brand that contains the scent of four fruits that are enjoyed as fruit tea in Korea. Recently, the home-healing industry in the depressed economy has emerged as a healing trend, expanding the use of diffuser for terrappy and interior purposes. Diffuser products and marketing of various purposes and functions are needed depending on the changing perfume market. Min’d aims to be recognized as a representative brand of Korean diffuser that differentiates itself from its dominant overseas brand in the market.

Scales Wax by KIM, Chan Mi
Packaging Contents: Wax
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Scale is a resource rich in collagen. But the more of scales are being discarded. So I put four kinds of fish that have high market share into the product. The package is made up of four types of fish scales: salmon, mackerel, early bird, and galchi. So, the collagen of scales was made by putting it in wax. The design was designed with a head-centered graphical motif. Also, because the target is male, it is designed using simple black and white. Because it is an environmentally friendly package, it is made of paper pack, not plastic container. It targets young 25 years old and designed fish scales and hair cutters.The color of the writing of the fish was different, making it a uniform package.

A black soybean spaghetti by choi eun young
Packaging Contents: spaghetti
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Screen printing

This product is a spaghetti package made of beans aimed at the senior class, guaranteed taste, and even thought of public health as an increasing number of consumers are looking for organic food. The design was designed using casting color to enhance clarity, and the spaghetti noodles were made from soybeans so that the texture was smooth and well matched with various sources. The concept of this product is a package of spaghetti that is popular and healthy as it differentiates itself from the existing taste. The brand concept of this product is a well-being spaghetti brand that contains the health of soybeans and provides consumers with a sense of sincerity and confidence.

A grainy skin by Lee. jieun
Packaging Contents: Skin care
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Laser printing

“The Hangyeol” is a brand reflecting the needs and wishes of women after giving birth.
The package design reflects the harmony of natural and refined images considering the different images of skin type, grain, and therapy. The logo well reflects the image of nature while associating the high-class category products for skin care. In addition, the color visualizes the colors of each grain and effectively expresses the identity for inducing natural emotions. The structural packaging has a design considering the unboxing experience packaging production. Also, the package is made of paper for the image of naturalism. Those elements provide clear brand image to the consumers.

Aroheal by Ji Eun Lee
Project Type:
Packaging Contents: Herb oil bath
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

With the growth in the home body care market, ‘bath’ has become one of the keywords in healing for busy modern people. Based on this fact, AroHeal, an herbal bath oil, was created using four types of natural herbs that are not irritating to the skin. AroHeal is made up of excellent herbs for anti-inflammation and soothing effects and they are: carendula, lemon balm, lavender and chamomile. Moreover, it contains oil component that can nourish the skin during cold and dry winters.

The logo is a compound word of ‘aroma’ and ‘healing’. It means that the users can feel healing through its pleasant fragrance of aroma. The logo is designed like a water droplet, using the alphabet ‘O’ in an English serif to give it a soft impression. Through the design, it gives the users an image of a moist bath time.

Streamlined illustrations, water droplets, herbal petals and other graphic elements were used to express herbal fragrance spreading like water. Furthermore, bright pastel colors were used to give it a clear and clean impression. The packaging design was inspired by the shape of the four herbs and the exterior form of a house which is in accordance to the concept of home care product

Bewell by EOM, Jin Woo
Packaging Contents: Packaging Chilled Steak
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Print

This is a package design of packaging chilled steaks matured with medicinal herbs.

The features of this design directly show the type of steaks. The images of rib eye steak, pork steak, chicken steak, and mutton steak were designed in figures of animals. It used cooked steaks that looked delicious, and graphical curves that signified taste, smell, and warmth, as well as leaf means to healthy well-being that matured with medicinal herbs.

Logo uses serif font and adds curved graphic to show a luxurious image. They used the color and texture of the Brown, which is luxurious and reliable.

BombHwaWon by Soyeong Kim
Packaging Contents: Bath Bomb
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

As the quality of life improves, there is a strong interest in health life. Also, spending on rest and healing is increasing. Based on this consumption pattern, I made brand of bath bomb. BombHwaWon is Korean compound word that combines Bomb of bath bomb and flower garden. Four season flower tea has been added to the function of therapy and this bath bomb is a high value-added product that can be eaten. The overall design was designed to give a soft feel by using pastel colors and made into a simple structure for easy use.

Fruit Meat Products Responsible for Your Health ‘HelF” by Da Young PARK
Packaging Contents: meat
Packaging Substrate / Materials: eco-friendly paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Over the past 20 years, obese patients have doubled, it shows us that we are reaching to an obese society, so we need dietary food to prevent this. but we don’t really have nice and tasty diet food. Now I’m going to suggest that called ‘helf’ which is really healthy and tasty than original market, why I called this as ‘helf'(combination with this two letters (‘Health + fruit’)) because it have similar pronounciation with help. also it means ‘support someone’ when you have this, it can HELP your body.

And because it is fruit meat, it is designed to match f with fruit color to give a sense of closeness. Also Unlike traditional meat products, HelF was designed using a section of fruit to suit the characteristics of the product and differentiated. As eco friendly product, this will get high competitive market sharing through this brand packaging concept.

Burta by Yujin Kim
Packaging Contents: Butter
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: offset printing

The Burta product is created by blending soft butter with powdered mealworms, a type of edible insect considered to be a future source of nutritional food. When designing the product package, emphasis was placed on displaying the unique features of the mealworm itself while preserving its characteristics as a butter. The package shape was created in a way that mimics the lines on the segmented body of the mealworm. For the package graphic design, hardworking animated mealworms were illustrated as mealworms are high in protein. When considering the package color, yellow tones were primarily used to represent the color of butter.

Flofarm by Lee Sun Yeong
Packaging Contents: Butter
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital

The Flofarm is an edible flower added butter for those looking for a vegetable butter for health.

We designed four kinds of butter including Cherry blossom, Marigold, Rose and Chive blossom. ‘Flofarm’ is a compound word of ‘Flower’ and ‘Farm’. The logo of the Flofarm used a font suitable for expressing the softness of the butter and emphasized that it was a butter added with a flower shape in the letter O. The shape of the packaging structure was designed with reference to the shape of the petals. I put a flower pattern to show that it is butter made of flowers. And to give a soft impression, we unified the color of the package with pastel.

Future B by Bae juyoon
Packaging Contents: Risotto
Packaging Substrate / Materials: plastic, paper
Printing Process: Digital painting

This design is a package design of risotto made from edible insects emerging as nutritional value of future food resources.

As the global insect market grows in size, it is becoming increasingly fragmented and flamboyant, and consumers are increasingly consuming edible insects for their health and environment. In fact, edible insects are nutritionally superior to meat proteins and are effective in nutritional supplementation. Risotto, which mainly uses these edible insects, is an idea for high value added targeting the workers in their 30s and 30s.

The Future B package is designed to emphasize edible insect raw material as food for the future and to minimize the resistance of consumers to insects with a natural-friendly brand concept.

The edible insect risotto package design will help improve consumers’ awareness of edible insect food and improve and improve the quality of life of modern people.

Germinated beauty by Jo Hye In

The development of a natural soap brand is aimed at recognizing it as a leading brand through a healthy marketing strategy through the development of a brand that will strengthen competitiveness with existing companies in order to effectively respond to changes in smart consumers in the well-being era. Interest in natural soap increases, but in order to match the information and consumption of smart consumers, one has to think about another natural ingredient.

There are a variety of natural ingredients on the market, but there is no natural cleansing soap that uses only germinated mites, so we try to make a difference by using the ingredients of germ-like mites. Various combinations of natural ingredients tend to value raw materials and scent in the soap market. Traditional brand awareness has long been around, using soap with various flavors and functions. However, the design was designed with a smooth design and a blend of natural materials that required a change of perception.

Grain Butter by Kim Ye Eun
Packaging Contents: Butter
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Laser Printing

The product I am going to introduce is butter made from grains. Butter made using buckwheat, barley, oats, and quinoa consists of less fat and calories than the plain butter we usually buy in stores, so it is effective for healthy weight loss. Butter made from grains is the perfect solution for the people who are concerned about their health due to their over-consumption of butter and the people who dislike the greasiness of store-bought butter.

The brand logo is given a vintage element due to the use of the Serif font. “GRAMY” means compound word that “GRAIN” and “CREAMY”.

And the brand package design is given a fresh, healthy element due to the image of butter with grains embedded within. The accentuated color amongst the overall soft shades creates a professional and sumptuous brand image. The ingredients are marked differently by grain.

What’s Unique?
This package is round shape and contains grains. Whilst effectively following the popular organic food trends of today, butter made from grains guarantees consumers a delicious approach to a healthy diet inimitable by any other butter brands.

Grain Pasta by Ra. Chan Young
Packaging Contents: Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Laser Printing

‘O: real’ is a healthy gluten-free pasta made from fresh and quality natural grains. The product is designed with four kinds of grains including oats, quinoa, corn, and barley. The overall mood uses a luxurious vintage feel to show consumers the image of a brand they can trust. We also designed the product to be easy to see the type of noodle at a glance, and expressed to make the pictures and illustrations match well. Overall, it was designed to match the slogan, ‘Genuine Golden Pasta’, by giving navy and yellow tones a luxurious match, making it even more noticeable when it’s amongst other existing products. The top of the package is erected in a triangle shape, and it displays the name of the pasta or the noodle on the side in big letters, conveying the pasta’s information well. In this way, images and texts are placed on the front to receive attention, cleanly displaying various information. The keyword for the overall concept of the package is ‘modern’, which signifies its luxurious image through the natural matching of pictures and illustrations.

HealMeat by Yu Yeona
Packaging Contents: Steak
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Steaks made from organic mushrooms are premium, high-quality luxuries incorporated with the deep scent, texture, and taste of mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms and pork, pine mushrooms and beef, enoki mushrooms and lamb, and oyster mushroom and chicken are combinations that ensure a harmonious blend of both health and natural taste. The brand name “HealMeat,” a unique blend of the two concepts, “health” and “meat,” along with the well-rounded brand logo, conveys an amicable message to the consumers of a new and modern style. The overall calm ambiance given by the beige and brown hue of the brand reflects the colors seen in both meat and mushrooms.

The soft curve in the background is a representation of the smooth textures of the mushroom steaks, portraying a clean image for the product itself. In addition, the images of pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens are manually drawn and included to indicate the distinctive ingredients of each product, allowing consumers to easily recognize and distinguish them at a glance. In order to leave an impressive impression of the product identity on the consumers, the company aims to pursue fresh and clean feelings by using animal paintings and harmonious layouts. HealMeat Steak is a premium mushroom steak brand that guarantees satisfaction and freshness with the healthy taste of nature.

Menstrual Pads Made from Plants by Lee Hye Eun
Packaging Contents: Menstrual Pads
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Environmentally friendly menstrual pads are made using plant fiber. Classified into four fiber supplements, lotus, bamboo, banana and coconut, these menstrual pads can be selected to suit a diverse consumer base. Designed with soft pastel colors to express the most important eco-friendly aspect of the brand, along with the stylish curved graphic illustration in the package design, the plant-based menstrual pads present an overall cordial image for the brand.

Furthermore, the round brand logo with leaves attracts consumers with a soft and pleasant ambiance. The pattern of the front design intends to represent the eco-friendly and healthy aspect of the product, and the back of the design intends to give the ease of recognizing the product through images and descriptions of the menstrual pads. With NAHANA menstrual pads, consumers will feel contented, secure and cozy.

Paschi Package Design by Suin Lee
Packaging Contents: Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

It is a kimchi pasta product. Kimchi is a traditional food representing Korea among Eastern countries, and pasta is a traditional food representing the West countries. I collaborated with traditional foods in the east and west to create a product called kimchi pasta and designed a package for it.

In addition, I designed this product with the idea that I would like to try package design that will help the globalization of Korean food by attracting many people from various countries. Four types of kimchi (cabbage kimchi, white kimchi, yulmu kimchi, and radish kimchi), which are popular among Koreans, were selected from among many kinds of kimchi, and the package was designed based on each shape and color.

Four types of kimchi were shown to be realistic using real photographs. Also, I expressed the freshness, which is the most important feature of kimchi, to appear on the products. The color of the product is extracted from each kimchi photo, and it is expressed in colors with high saturation and appetite.

The pasta image is an illustration work and it is interesting to be compared with the photograph. I used the shape of kimchi according to the type in the package, but I gave a sense of unity to each product through the background color and feeling of similar tone. It is also a product of various patterns of pasta.

Premium vegetable icecream ‘Vegece’ by Yeji Lee
Packaging Contents: Vegetable Ice cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

This product is vegetable ice cream. It is a compound word of vegetable and ice cream. It is made up of four flavors: carrot, pumpkin, cucumber, and eggplant. It is perfect for customers who want healthy desserts with ice cream that captivates nutrition and taste.

Using the characteristics of vegetables, the stalks of each vegetable were used as a design element.It also used orange, yellow, green, and purple colors that cater to the characteristics of each vegetable and designed the package with real-world ice cream photos and vegetable illustrations to reveal what the package tastes like at once.

Psea by Lim Ju Yeon
Packaging Contents: Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset printing

Today’s busy modern people have irregular meal times and difficult to get a balanced diet. Research shows that most modern people eat disproportionately high-calorie low-protein meals when they eat. A low-calorie diet is necessary to supplement a high-calorie low-protein diet, which requires a lot of effort and difficulty to eat regular meals. I thought it would be necessary to have a simple meal for busy modern people. The study found that the richest ingredient in protein is marine products. So I thought a modern diet needed seafood rich in protein. According to a market survey, the HMR market is growing and becoming more popular as busy modern people pursue convenience. Speaking to market trends, Pacia created a simple, healthy cup pasta with seafood in it. Seafood cup pasta types are made with squid rozepasta, octopus tomato pasta, octopus cream pasta, and fried oil pasta. In order to provide a delicious, balanced diet for busy modern people, Pacia would like to propose a simple, healthy cup pasta with low-carbon, short-and-white taste.

Salad Package Design by Yeseul Kim
Packaging Contents: Salad
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

The logo “Han-Kki-Ae nature” means a meal with love from nature. “Han-Kki” means one meal and “Ae” means love. A salad is a product that comes from nature. Each ingredient of salad grows in nature. Nature nourishes the human body providing foods. In this way, a salad can be understood as nourishment of love from nature.

Regarding the design, I expressed the beauty of nature through the image of a leaf and blooming flowers. Also, the freshness of a salad is an essential factor in a sale. I tried to show the freshness of the salad through the packing design that the customers can see the freshness of it.

What’s Unique?
When I thought of salad, I thought of salad bowl and plate. So I designed the shape of a plate and salad bowl. I really tried to show the fresh salad on the plate and the edible flowers on it.Salad and flowers are real images and give a fresh impression.

Seaweed Pasta by Lee Yerin

“Seawith” is a specialty seaweed pasta brand. It means “with the sea.” The pronunciation is similar to “Seaweed”.

In the West, seaweed is often referred to as “weeds of the sea” and is reluctant. “Seawith” made seaweed pasta and made it more accessible. It is targeted at women in their 30s who are interested in beauty, because they are low in calories, no additives, and low in obesity. It is packaged to make eating easier and easier.

The whole package gave the impression of the sea using wave form. The color was the color seen in seaweed.

Seedheal by Hyeon Jeong Keem
Packaging Contents: Bath bomb
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

This product is a bath bomb that can be used for natural therapies by utilizing the fruit seeds. Seeds are many nutrients, energy and contain concentrated nutrients. It is the best raw material that can deliver good energy and efficacy to the skin. It is a functional bath bomb that has a good effect on skin by using grape seeds, pomegranate seeds, apricot seeds and mango seeds which can be natural therapies.
Considering the environment, the package was made of paper. The package was designed to emphasize the efficacy of each of the fruit seeds, and was designed using water drops and foam to match the shape of the bath.

Simply C by Seo Ra Lim
Packaging Contents: disposable product
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
Printing Process: offset printing

This product is a new material product designed to reduce the generation of waste in disposable containers and to prevent environmental pollution. The main purpose of this product development is to preserve the global environment and also to strengthen the power of green brand image.

The ingredients of this product consist of four grains: 100% corn, rice, red beans and wheat. These tablewares consist of cups, soup bowls, plates and spoons, all made from 100% fresh grain powder thinly and firmly compressed and designed to be eaten by consumers.

‘Simply c’, the naming concept of the product, is very familiar with Korean Mr “Simply” and contains the slogan “Keep it simple in a green environment!”. Alpabet ‘C’ is the same pronunciation as the Korean name after the name of the adult. Therefore, if you write ‘Simply C’ in English, It pronounce ‘Mr. Simply’ in Korean language. It gives an interesting affinity.

The design development direction of this product is ‘Easy Day, Easy Life’ and there is an important meaning of disposable tableware that can be eaten as well as water and food.

Consumer target groups are young men and women in their late 20s to late 30s who enjoy simple, chic, hygienic, fun healing times. It is a high-class disposable tableware with new taste and fashion that does not require post-processing after picnic, camping, and simple party according to their taste.

The design strategy of this product is as follows: First: It can be eaten up to bowl and easy to clean. Second: It is environment friendly design to prevent disposable waste generation and prevent environmental pollution. third; This is a disposable bowl, but at the same time emphasizes fresh and delicious food.

The distinctive design of this product emphasizes the fact that 100% of the natural color of the grain skin is used in the container, and that it is a natural food bowl made of whole grain powder. This product is a naturalistic and eco-friendly functional product, but it is a disposable bowl, but it also emphasized the difference of design as the taste of fresh and delicious food.

What’s Unique?
The distinctive design of this product emphasizes the fact that 100% of the natural color of the grain skin is used in the container, and that it is a natural food bowl made of whole grain powder.

SSale T Lee Ha Eun
Packaging Contents: Functional Rice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Painting

This product is a functional rice added with charcoal ingredient. We have developed simple, nutritious rice to increase the consumption of rice, which is shrinking every year. Most rice has nutritional deficiencies and high carbohydrate content, resulting in nutritional imbalance. Functional rice, however, does not have enough nutritional supplements, but it has nutritional and functional effects. It is functional rice which can enjoy simple and healthy while losing taste of rice by putting nutrient and function lacking in brown rice and white rice.

There are four types of functional rice: hong guk, kang hwang, clorella and black rice. We made it possible to approach rice with a variety of colors and reduce the resistance to functional rice.

The naming, Ssalette, is inspired by the palette, which means rice with various colors.

Stella : Premium Starfish Hairpack By Dayeon
Packaging Contents: Starfish Hairpack
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Laser Printing

‘stella’ is the natural hair mask which contains collagen and protein extracted from starfish destroying nature, and it makes hair shiny and silky. We design 4 types of product, hair recovery, hair tonic, scalp care and shining. ‘Stella’ is a Latin word for the stars of the sea, which is name of the Blessed Virgin Mary and reminds us starfish, the star of sea. The logo is designed in a smooth, hair-like pattern, and the color of pastelton highlights the smoothness of the feel.The package referred to the smooth curved form of hair to give a refined and smooth impression, and it was designed for convenient use with a lid.I also expressed your lively hair through the flow of hair on a soft-colored background.