Москва, Россия

Agency: reka.agency
Designer: Vlad Mikhailov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Aptos
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Recovering after-treatment cream gel
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, plastic
Printing Process: Offset printing, congreve

Our design office got the task for creating the design for medical cosmetic medicine wrapping from “Aptos” production center.

Since 1996 it produces as registered trade mark unique medicines for plastic surgery and cosmetic therapy. One of the main its product is special threads that injects subcutaneously via special conducting needle trough skin point punctures or micro cuts (up to 0.5 sm). They are used for “second chin” removing, breasts and face correction and for many other things.

Fo those who fight with the age impact and are afraid of plastic surgery the alternative way was found. This is the threads lifting of the facial and skin tissues. After the treatment may occur swellings, bruises and skin irregularities that are removed during recovery period. For skin fast recovering support after injection and micro-invasive treatments the company created special cream gel Recowell and got the patent for it. This product is represented in a vial dispenser as a spray as it”s seen in the the product logo design.

Our goal was to create the wrapping design that reflects the high expert level of the medicine and its high quality and at the same time has a balance between medical and cosmetic nature. In the design creation process few elements were developed, namely, brand-name patterns demonstrating skin cover and making able the product line development via SKU and using as the key style construction units in the brand-name style for brand printing and advertising materials.

The wrapping design pattern is done by congrave that in contrast with the unsealed part of the wrapping creates the feeling of uneven skin texture that is smoothed by the medicine.

As the result of wrapping design development the medicine looks moderately clear medical and along with it as an elegant cosmetic one. The balance in design was reached and the medicine is in the market now. It’s sold as in the special cosmetic clinics and on the “Aptos” website.