Москва, Россия

Agency: reka.agency
Designer: Vlad Mikhailov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hati Food
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Pet food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Foil stamping

Hati Food project has been producing and selling natural feed for cats&dogs for long time. As well the company has been conducting training blos in Instagram and has raised a big number of fellowers.
The brand idea is in the basic phrase- “Food,not feed”. Hati is nature relevant feed, high class fresh meet, fruits,vegetables, berries,greenery.

Pets ancestors are predators domesticated not long time ago and genetically predisposed to eat fresh meet with bones,veins and cartilage. Its just raw food that preserves unbroken all the necessary elements for pets active life. Hati Food is placed as premium pets feed for domestic animals with unique formula and it was the reason to create package design different from competitors and to refuse usual ways of imaging pets brands.

To split the brand for “cats lovers” and “dogs lovers” two ornamental images of tiger and wolf were put in the package design. Both are from the top of the food chain, dominate their living areas and are roughly speaking ancestors of cats&dogs.

Animalistic images are widely spread in different nations culture not only in paintings but as well in literature and theater. Totemic animals petroglyphic paintings, oriental temples ornaments-all these things tell us about long tine worship of mankind to animals. It did not disappear in modern world and worship to pets just gathers pace. To understand it is enough just visit any special forum, exhibition or pets shop.

The colour distinction by the contents is provided in the products line design. The contents line is growing. Meet mixture is packed in small “sausages” that is frozen with package. The package design and printing are done to secure the appearance after the fridge.