Design: Unblvbl Branding Agency
Photographer: George Shagalov
Distillate: Suhodol lab
Lettering: Vlada Ruzhitskaya
3D modeling: Alex Avduevsky
Project Type: Self-promo
Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Packaging Contents: Distillate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, brass label, wood box
Printing Process: 3D printing and brass casting

There is plenty of room for the experiment in small scale projects. Our first work experience with brass casting — “UELKI”, is a specialized self-promo. A metal question was solved thanks to product itself: double distillate made from porter beer and spruce branches.

An amazing sophisticated drink realized by “SUHODOL” distillery located on the Gorkovskoye Reservoir bank. Vacuum distillation saves the smell and organoleptic properties of material. It’s like wiskey from beer. Visual part has been developed by Vlada Ruzhitskaya who was with the team while working on the “Craft Tolstoy” project. Old Russian style of fonts and Slavic motifs demanded a solid foundation — rough, faint colored metal with flashes.

Master-model was printed on SLA printer and casters were invited from Pavlovo, town of artisans. In this way the craft drink has got an appropriate package: brass, wood, glass which reflect weight, temper and independence.

What’s Unique?
Unique product – double distillate made from porter beer and spruce branches. Hand drawn lettering. 3d modeling and printing. Cast brass label.