Agency: Lyon & Lyon
Creative Direction: Ben & Mat Lyon
Lead Designer: Steph Hardy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hiatus Tequila
Location: Sheffield, UK
Packaging Contents: Tequila
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Bright White Felt paper
Printing Process: Foil stamp, Digital print

Hiatus wanted to create a brand that would resonate with older millennials that would disrupt the staid Tequila sector. Our concept is built around a Hiatus and the word “space”. Space is a key feature throughout the brand and is used to symbolise the idea and essence of taking a break and enjoying the moment. The bottle design became a vessel of discovery. We opted for splitting the content across 7 labels to take the user on a journey. The placement of labels changes across each tequila, representing the individual distilling process as well as showcasing its unique story of production.

What’s Unique?
Space, the space that allowed for between the liquid and the label is unique, certainly in the tequila world. The bottle further skews spirit stereotypes by using 7 labels (including the internal reverse printed label) across it’s surface.