Artisan Fragrance Monsieur la Housse

Joost Identities


Design: Joost Identities
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Bespoke Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Cardboard, Wax, Paper, Ribbon
Printing Process: Digital printing, Embossing, Screen printing

Creativity with Personality!

“Display your personality and show who you are and what you have to say. Radiate your inner feelings, tell your story and people will choose you. This applies as much to people as it applies to brands, packaging and identities. This is what makes something unique, this is what creates empathy. Breathe, live and grow in every sense! Creativity with Personality!”

Monsieur La Housse is the sensory and personal interpretation of Joost Identities, visualising the importance of a brands’ own personality, branding and uniqueness. The alliance between having dreams and ambitions on the one hand and the reality of the world today, on the other hand, results in growth in all respects.

This given has been captured and translated into a unisex fragrance concept: a basic fragrance that can be worn individually but that definitely comes into its own when combined with 2 quirky odour accents. Thus, you can create many possibilities, extra dimensions and a versatility that symbolizes you as a person or your brand.

Our brain was not made for statistics but for stories. A good story anticipates emotion, as a result of which you as a person, a consumer, will be touched and will better understand a brand. The added booklet, enclosed by means of a cashier stitch, contains the background, story and explanation behind the 3 fragrances.

What’s Unique?
Monsieur La Housse consists of a cube with a ´crispy white´ exterior but once opened, the drama unfolds: 3 small black bottles. The base fragrance ‘True Gentleman’ with black balloon atomizer and 2 small accent odours ‘Happy Mad’ and ‘Bright Newness’ with spray atomizers.

Old techniques have been used, such as a wax seal, blind embossings and high-quality ribbon.