Design: B&B studio
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Signature Brew
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Beer

B&B studio has worked with award-winning brewers Signature Brew to redesign the brand’s whole visual identity system, from can designs, to brewery signage and merchandise.

On a mission to revolutionise the quality of beer at live music venues and events, Signature Brew makes and sells music-inspired craft beers from its own taproom and music venue in East London, while its core beer range – Roadie, Studio Pilsner, Backstage IPA and Nightliner – is available at bars, venues and festivals across the UK. In addition to their own range of craft beers, Signature Brew is the world’s number one brewery for band collaboration beers, having brewed with musical artists including Mastodon, alt J and Mogwai amongst many others.

B&B studio has created a new, confident visual identity system for Signature Brew that captures the same craft, spirit and energy as the live music its beers are created to accompany. Balancing the fixed with the flexible, the new design empowers Signature Brew with the creative freedom it needs to thrive.

Great music deserves great beer
Founded by Sam McGregor and Tom Bott in 2011, Signature Brew was created to unify live music and great beer. Sam McGregor, says “Live music should be a powerful and unique experience and deserves a beer made with the same dedication. We needed our brand identity to proudly encompass the fact that Signature Brew captures the art and passion of live music. These are beers that live up to the experience of seeing your favourite artists play live.”

Organised eclecticism
B&B studio has created a design system for the Signature Brew visual identity that empowers the brand to maintain the creative independence it needs when collaborating with numerous artists, all of whom are unique in their own right. The identity uses fixed typography as an identifying logo mark set against an eclectic graphic background.

The unifying spirit of music
Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio, says: “The new branding for Signature Brew celebrates the diverse creativity of this music lifestyle beer, while bringing an order that actually sets the brand free. Signature Brew needed a bold brand identity to elevate its core range, whilst empowering it with the freedom to curate the unique brilliance of the individual artists it brews with”.

“Signature Brew is a brand that encompasses the unifying, live music lifestyle. It lives in a world full of brilliant noise and it needed a mark that celebrates this multi-sensorial creativity whilst also framing it.”

What’s Unique?
The graphics, illustrated in-house, are inspired by the multi-sensorial experience of great live music, and also the eclecticism and vibrancy of graphics found when searching through vinyl covers.