Zelanos Z1 wine range

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria, https://thelabelmaker.eu

Design: the Labelmaker
Printer: Rotoprint
Paper: Arconvert
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Zelanos Winery
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Hot foil stamping, silk foil, high build transparent varnish

The Project
Zelanos winery usually hides a lot of potential in their wines. In 2019 they decided to launch their premium wine – a single barrel Syrah. We were wondering how to name this exclusive wine and after a few discussions and brainstorming, we decided to use the code name Z1 for it. “Z” comes from Zelanos of course, while “1” stands for “prime” and “premium” to indicate that this is their top wine.

The Challenge
One of my all-time-favorite label design is the Z wine label I did a few years ago for Zelanos winery. It was very contemporary, minimal and attractive and at the time I created it it was for their top wine range. Years later things have changed rapidly, Zelanos winery evolved and continued to make even better wines.

My challenge here was how to follow their steps and create an even better wine label design. It is always difficult when you have to be in a competition with your own self and especially when you have already set high visual standards in your work.

The Execution
Bottle – We have a good tradition with Zelanos in using classy bottles by Saverglass. Our favorite was Agape – the same bottle we used in their Z wine range.
Sealing – We used classic cork sealing with tin capsules all printed in matt black color with embossed Zelanos logo on the top.
Paper – What else could it be for this premium wine but black pulp paper? Of course, the answer was Ispira Nero Mistero. My all-times black favorite super choice for premium wine label designs.
Print – I was looking for simple and classy paper dominated by the paper’s specific presence on the glossy glass surface of the bottle. I did artistic lettering for the “Z” on my iPad pro and then used the image in my design printed with gold silk foil on the gold hot foil surface. The number “1” is stamped with white-hot foil while the large Zelanos Premium is printed with high build transparent raised varnish against the black surface of the paper.

The Result
Z1 is one of those wine labels that somehow accurately reflects the quality of the wine it was designed for. I tried to create very classy and modern minimalist design for this premium wine aiming at the same time to make it very appealing and attractive on the shelf.