Cinco Jotas Limited Edition 2018-19

Agency: Morillas Branding Agency
Illustrator: Raúl Arroyo
Illustrator: Carmen Huertas
Photography: Marçal Vaquer
Calligraphic wordmark: Pierre Katz
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Osborne
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Iberian pork products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and cardboard
Printing Process: Offset print, black & gold stamping, embossing

Tribute to the origins of a treasure

There are ingredients that only exist in exclusive places, that make it possible that an authentic symbol of Spanish gastronomy reaches the world.

The emblematic Spanish brand Cinco Jotas has been preparing and exporting the best 100% Iberian pork products for more than 130 years. Revealing the flavour and texture of 100% Iberian Acorn Ham to the world demanded pieces worthy of such a sublime creation.

The challenge focused on creating packaging that conveyed the organicity and nature of the product and forged a link with the native home of the Iberian pig.

Every year we create a limited-edition packaging. From a luxury portmanteau to an hexagonal pack that breaks away from the traditional codes of the sector and at the same time symbolize the Dehesa, home to the Iberian pig, representing its ecosystem: the birds and the branches of the oak trees, where the acorn is born.

Last year we created a limited-edition scarf that celebrates the fragility of the meadows.

Taking inspiration from the fashion industry, we developed a silk using elements that refer to the meadows’ fauna and flora to create patterns reminiscent of the motifs of the silk scarves of luxury firms.