Derrick Lin


Packaging designer: Katalyn Barraza Merino
Packaging designer: Emelie Hörby
Packaging designer: Mattias Ekman
Packaging designer: Abner Tsehaya
Location: Sweden
Project Type: Student Project
School: Brobygrafiska
Tutor: Sara Larsson & Mats Olsson

Blisswool is a Swedish company that sells and produces new prevention against blisters which is wool.

It is a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to the classic blister plaster, often made of synthetic material. The brief was to create a strong overall communication for the brand and packaging design.

Through our research we have developed a new design and packaging solution aimed at active outdoor people and athletes.

The packaging harmonizes with other outdoor/sports products with its bice blue colour on a natural cardboard sleeve. The uses and benefits of the product are highlighted with a short informative text in connection with the illustration of the boot. In this way, the packaging breathes the same codes as other products in the stores while it stands out on the shelf when we have chosen to pack and sell the product in a laundry bag. That fit perfectly in hiking and sports bags.

What’s Unique?
The laundry bag the product is packed with makes it easy for the customer to wash the wool in, as it can be reused, and dried in the same laundry bag.