Design: Akim Melnik Design Studio
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Produced
Client: Gribnoy dozhd’
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Mushrooms
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Label on a glass jar
Printing Process: Flexo printing

A series of labels for packaging pickled wild Siberian mushrooms, hand-picked and prepared according to traditional recipes. Specially created for each of the types of watercolor illustrations attract attention, clearly demonstrate the mushrooms in different angles and cause an appetite. Thanks to the author’s performance, a unique and recognizable image of the brand is created. In addition, “live”, man-made images emphasize the naturalness and high quality of the product. Chanterelles, boletus, white and black pears, mosses, butter, honey agarics and aspen-mushrooms presented in the line of the brand “Gribnoj dozhd'”.


  • High-resolution printing (201 lpi) allows you to achieve the most realistic and clear image to the smallest detail
  • Multicolor allows you to get richer and brighter colors by expanding the color coverage range
  • Selective matte and screen glossy lacquers visually enhance the difference in textures


  • Trade mark design
  • Creating author’s illustrations
  • Selective matte and screen glossy varnishes