Zubi Candy Diwali Box


Agency: Fifth Estate communications Pvt. Ltd
Visualizer/ Designer: Shwetha Raja
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Zubi – The Fun Candy
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Zubi Premium Lollies and Candies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard Packaging

Zubi-The Fun Candy, is known all over India for their handmade candy. We were invited to the Zubi Candy Factory, Chennai where we were shown how each type of candy was made by hand, and then briefed on the Premium Diwali Gift Box. Diwali is a highly celebrated festival in India, symbolized by the exchange of “sweets and gifts” to indicate a prosperous and happy new year. Zubi wanted to launch a Gift Box that would be the perfect gift for the Festival of Lights.


The brand targets, kids as consumers for the candy, but they wanted the box to target parents, with a sophisticated look. We had to keep the “fun” element of the brand image, while we created a box that appealed to both parents and children alike. The initial planning began with researching the various Diwali boxes that hit the Indian Market. After a lot of research, we decided to have a design language that embodied Indian tradition and culture, while bringing out the fun and quirkiness of the brand through the color choices. We created and presented various concepts revolving around the candy, as well as Indian tradition and the ideals behind Diwali. We created patterns, designs and ideas based on traditional Indian art forms, and researched various methods of printing to bring out the final product with maximum appeal.



The final concept was a Kalamkari Print recreated with a little touch of the modern. Kalamkari focuses on subtle colours and floral prints. But we wanted eye-catching shades. We started collating reference images to create our colour palettes such as wedding décor and clothes, wedding invitations, Indian block printing with vegetable dyes, the colours of the candy, the various colour of Indian food and sweets. Once we had all this we created a mood board and created a bright and fun colour palette that would attract the eyes of the customer. Both children and adults would be drawn to it.

Each colour we chose was paired to compliment each other, and yet work together harmoniously to create something that was aesthetically appealing. We created a colour palette based on Indian colour schemes, dipping into age-old traditional art forms and ideas.



Colour is the first thing a person absorbs, and our main aim was to create something that stood out in the shelves amongst the million other Diwali boxes that were sure to hit the markets then.

The main aim of the Zubi Box was the packaging. The box was intended to store the candy safely while delivered to various stores, and at the same time be a reusable multipurpose box. The box was created with think cardboard, and a shiny golden lock to give it a completely premium feel. The inside of the box had temporary gold partitions, that could be removed by the consumer if need be. So we created something that would appeal to the women, who would eventually love to use the box.

We had great fun created the Premium Zubi Diwali Boxes that were a lovely delight to look at, and was absolutely loved by everyone to gift!


What’s Unique?
The unique part about the Zubi Diwali Gift Box was its multipurpose use! It is sturdy, very pretty and long-lasting and can be put to a variety of use especially with the lock system.