Oriel Whole Flower CBD

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Safari Sundays
Photographer: Kim Alexis Photography
Location: United States
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Whole Flower CBD Sticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital

CBD has become the poster child for modern wellness, it can be used to optimize and control personal well-being, helping us through pain from serious disease to modern dis-ease. Oriel whole flower CBD sticks are used in conjunction with the Omura heat-not-burn device for optimal wellness. By creating premium and considered blends of herbs like chamomile, peppermint and lavender with whole flower hemp CBD, Oriel was designed to unlock the power of nature to make self-care easier, more effective and truly transformational.

Safari Sundays was tasked with taking the simple idea of a CBD wellness brand that uses real herbs with hemp and bringing it to life in the form of insight, brand strategy, positioning, naming, brand design, packaging design, lifestyle and product photography, website and off pack executions like merchandise.

What’s Unique?
The name Oriel translates to window, and the idea of openness and light filters through all aspects of the brand, from color to simple details. In this spirit, the brand was anchored by a simple open O logo to reinforce the idea of possibility and openness. Light, natural and sophisticated colors were used to express the ingredients as well as the benefits of each blend, whether it be relax, balance, active, or calm and to tie back to nature and its power.

The design always plays with the simple but powerful notion of two’s, two colors coming together, two circles in our brand icon “O”, two background textures in our photography and the use of light and shadow, all of which are intended to nod to whole flower hemp and natural herbs coming together.

Photography plays a key role in the brand on the website and social media with the intent to communicate the feel-good moment of soft sunlight hitting skin. The lifestyle photography uses natural sunlight, soft human presence in the form of silhouettes, extreme close ins and the presence of nature. While product photography shows a bird’s eye view of the product on natural textures like wood and marble with herbs and flowers coming into the shot to create a scene that delivers the feeling of each blend.