Aperitif Kits From La Maison Kyrëgal


Creative Director: Sophie Schott
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: La Maison Kyrëgal
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Aperitif
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood paper
Printing Process: Quadri

APERITIF KITS combining spreads and crackers with a tasting ritual for food lovers.
The aim was to develop packaging with a strong identity that would reflect an original and innovative concept of ready-to-eat foods served with an aperitif.

Each APERITIF KIT includes complementary flavours based on cookies, a spread and a condiment. Products preserved in three glass containers accompanied by two wooden spatulas. Cardboard case covered with custom illustrations playing with three foodie openings, embellished with a practical handle to transport the product in perfect harmony with the transportable side of the box.

Our agency has also designed a tasting tray that elegantly carries the three festive foods that will go with the aperitif drinks. Creates a real moment of relaxation and simple culinary pleasures.

These boxes, distributed in wine shops and delicatessens, come in three traditional designs (fish, meat and vegetables) symbolising the local region. Three motifs, three indulgent illustrations and “good mood” colour coding to clearly present each design and each complementary flavour.

Separate kits with overall coherence, making you want to discover all the “symphonies of flavours”.

What’s Unique?
A shape and packaging that clearly sets apart the product by making the kit unique as well as practical, attractive and almost playful. Aimed at a wide audience and to be taken away wherever you want, at home, with family or friends or on an adventure like a picnic in the wild, etc. Gift packaging to make the product a real treat-yourself buy which encourages you to share it and get together with others.