Famille Fontaine

Derrick Lin


Agency: Pigeon Brands
Creative Direction: Olivier Chevillot
Art Direction and Design: Josianne Pelletier
Illustration: Nathalie Taylor
Production Artist: Serge Andres
Printer: Produlith
Beauty Shots: Marie-Ève Gregoire
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: Montpak
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Meat

The main challenge was to launch a new brand of meat in a highly competitive food category. We therefore needed to develop name and design strategy to make it stand out and work for both Canadian and American markets. We began by looking carefully to every aspect of the business and visiting several farms to understand the roots of the company and its values. We worked closely with the company’s founder, the Fontaine Brothers.

The brand name Fontaine Family resonates to French and English speaking markets and connects with active young adults and parents who look for great quality and ready-to-cook meat/meal solutions. The brand’s visual identity reflects the authenticity of the family.

The unique and distinctive purple tray allows the product to stand out on the shelves. The elements of design visually communicate the animal welfare standards at the heart of the process.

The package design was conceived to emotionally connect with active young adults. Fresh and vibrant colour, new design style and approach express the distinctive meat offer: responsibly raised animals, transparency, high quality, delicate and lean meat. Side by side on the shelves, the pack creates a visual block effect by repeating the farm sign-shaped logo.