Travel Journal Kit | Saol álainn

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Derrick Lin


Design: Anusha Sarah
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: United World Institute of Design
Tutor: Sambit Pradhan and Abhrojit Boral
Packaging Contents: Notebook, pen, mechanical pencil, glue pen, set of postcards
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Canvas, elastic, paper
Printing Process: Screen printing/Flexography

Saol álainn is an Indian brand that caters to those who love to travel and explore. The goal of the brand is to create products which can be used to improve their customer’s travel experience; they sell travel journals and accessories on their website and in retail stores. The brand name comes from the Gaelic phrase which translates to ‘beautiful life’.

The wayfarer is a travel journal kit which consists of the essential items that one would need to begin travel journaling. So whether you’re a novice or someone who wants a good journal the wayfarer is a good starting point. The kit includes a pen, mechanical pencil, A5 notebook, a glue pen and a set of postcards all of which can be replaced.

The main goal of the packaging was to make it sustainable and functional beyond just keeping the product safe and contained. The packaging needed to have enough space to accommodate the customers’ own tools.

What’s Unique?
Most notebook packaging, especially in India, only use a thin plastic film and a label. By changing the material and using canvas this allowed for more options in how the product would be packaged as well as turning the packaging into a part of the product itself.