Design: Kids
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Trillions
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Energy bars manufactured from cricket flour

Insectfit is a Spanish company that produces energy bars manufactured from cricket flour. With its online sales launch, it managed to sell over 10,000 product units. Yet Insectfit knew its naming caused confusion and was still not clear about its value proposals. The brand sought definition, to position itself closer to the sports market and compete in the energy supplement category. We aimed to create a universal brand that functioned internationally. In contrast to other countries, eating insects is practically unheard of in Spain and cultural barriers remain. The main sales channel would be online.

Our challenge was to enter the supplement sector. We did so by alluding to sports people’s motivations, stepping back from sustainable concepts that did not differentiate the brand. Our proposal was to communicate through sports codes like effort and self-improvement through teamwork. We were speaking to an audience who enjoyed exercise without obsessing about it. A target audience ready to try new things. A full-on re-naming exercise, born of the overwhelming, immeasurable number of insects in the world, which together are far stronger, unstoppable. A word representing the potential of all insects united. A single tiny body makes no mark, but all together they can be overwhelming. The tag line follows the same tactic but uses the word “power” as a key to position itself in the supplement category.

The letter “O” will be our symbol, crowned by abstraction, the caron diacritic, emulating the antennae of a cricket – our product’s raw ingredient.

Other essential elements in our brand are its colours and patterns. They differentiate the diverse products and comprise our corporate identity.

Each flavour is represented by a colour and a pattern, making TRILLIONS a brand with good differentiation in its product range. This number of graphic resources also gives it great potential. Each of the flavors corresponds to a color and a pattern, which makes TRILLIONS a brand with a good differentiation in its range of products, in addition to giving it a great journey due to the number of graphic resources.