Москва, Россия

Design: Uniqorn B.A.
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Screen printing, Foil stamping

About the product Kremlin Cognac is a strong alcoholic drink with its own history. According to one of the legend the drink’s formula was elaborated at Brezhnev’s times by Kremlin medicians who took care about USSR leaders and planned menu including alcohol for diplomatic receptions and Soviet top goverment called CK congeses.

Nowdays its a quality alcoholic drink from category «average+». The blend is made of vine spirits from France. Its produced on Moscow vine factory MMVZ that is one of the top strong alcoholic drinks producers. For production only Limousin oak barrels are used.

The task
The brand owners put the task to create a new. more contemporary and more visible on the shelves design of the drink’s label. Light,fresh with a tint of nostalgy. The old design literally «sinks» on the shelf among the competitors and does not reflect at all the value and the price of the brand. «Junk» design makes it difficult for customer to identify the category of the cognac. The only restriction from the owners was to save the old bottle.

The solution. “Spasskaya tower.”
We revealed that the bottle resembles Kremlin Spasskaya tower and medallion place between bottle’s shoulders just appeals for Kremlin chiming clock. Then came the idea that hour hand should show quality grades. Three stars cognac showes three hours, five stars showes five and so on. The design composition resembles classic vodka design spread in USSR. Spasskaya tower illustration is made in a trendy linocut technic. The cognac name logo design is made in a tradiional Soviet lettering.

Different cognac quality grades labels design have different colours and are easily detected on the shelves by customer. Moreover sometimes there are only few minutes left to buy a favourite drink before cash desk closure.