Design: candybrophycreative
Location: Australia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass and aluminium
Printing Process: Screen

2255 is a wine label with the most unforgettable label. its simplicity and focal point being the diamond area of a woman’s inner thigh, butt region. The brand is for a Global market *excluding China as post covid they are punishing Australia in a dick move by not accepting our wine imports so we won’t be available to China, but the amazing China ex-pats not living in China that we all love can enjoy the wine.

The all black and white label makes it high contrast hi end back end of a woman. Since ancient times the beautiful dimensions of a woman body, lines and curves have been something to inspire and revel and appreciate. With sweeping lines forming the shapely healthy body positive image this label is sure to raise eyebrows. The brand name 2255 is cryptic and obscure like all good wine brands with he 2 and 5 interlocking to forma brand mark.