B’Nottee Bullet Journaling Kit

Derrick Lin


Design: Chew Sue Phing
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: The One Academy
Tutor: Deanie Cham
Packaging Contents: Notebook Calendar, Gel Pens, Washi Tapes, Stickers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Washable craft paper, Braided cotton cord, Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Bullet journaling is a very popular hobby among Malaysian young adults who like to use it as a personal and customizable way of daily organization and planning. However, many tend to design their bullet journal spreads inspired by the Western-style/standard of beauty. B’Nottee, a Malaysian handmade stationery brand wishes to encourage the ‘bujo’ enthusiasts of Malaysia to embrace the unique aesthetics of their culture and make it easier for them to incorporate those design elements into their ‘bujo’ spreads.

Hence, the main objective behind this project is to create a fun limited edition bullet journaling kit that allows ‘bujo’ enthusiasts to learn about Malaysian aesthetics and culture in an interactive and personal way. The kit includes everything you need to get started on your bullet journaling journey! Including 6 colored gel pens, 3 Malaysian-inspired washi tape designs, 2 sticker sheets, and 1 notebook calendar.

The designs are inspired by the core elements of Malaysian culture, such as the slang, traditional music instruments, childhood snacks, and native flora. The color palette is inspired by the red, blue, and yellow found in the Jalur Gemilang, which is the country’s flag. Fun facts about Malaysia are also sprinkled throughout the notebook calendar so consumers can learn more about the country and its culture while planning their day ahead.

What’s Unique?
The bag is made out of washable craft paper, which is an eco-friendly leather substitute that is easy to clean and is biodegradable. The structure is designed to convenient and mobile. This is to make it easier for consumers to carry it around and also to encourage them to leave their desks and bring it along whenever they’re hanging out with friends for a ‘bujo’ session!