Florapy: Bougainvillea tea infusion

Derrick Lin


Design: Megan Ong
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Taylor’s University
Packaging Contents: Tea bags
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Laminated paper, Mesh Nylon
Printing Process: Digital printing

Florapy is an online florist branding concept, which isn’t an ordinary florist as we have an aim to embrace and promote your emotional well being through our products consisting of the power of therapeutic flowers along with harmonised gifts that are specially correlated according to each flower’s respective symbolism. Florapy is the combination of Floral and Therapy.

As a result, the brand intends to play a part in enhancing the problem statement consisting of the lack of well-being empowerment and self-confidence among Millennials and Gen Z due to low self esteem. Psychologically, every flower species has a distinct meaning. With that, every flower bouquet and gift sold is intended to distribute the need of well-being empowerment towards our customers, fulfilling the brand’s primary objectives of encouraging these individuals to embrace their emotional-wellbeing through the positive impacts made from our products.

What’s Unique?
The material that is utilised for the tea bags are made from mesh nylon, which is a better alternative for the environment compared to regular packaged tea bags that aren’t able to decompose and in addition, customers would be able to recycle the packaging after usage due to the eco-friendly paper material which is very much beneficial for the environment.