Widarto Impact

Trenggalek Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Design: Widarto Impact
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hurley Beard Oil
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Beard Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottles
Printing Process: Flexography

HURLEY is a startup for mens care, especially beard oil. With the premium quality presented, they want the brand’s appearance to feel elegant and gentleman. By targeting the middle east market share, especially the Y & X generation. Apart from having a strong brand personality, the brand must be in line with the consumer’s personality. This is to give an emotional impact to consumers about the brand image in their minds.

This brand aims to create a generation of good looks and courage from a man, looking elegant yet rebellious, regardless of age. Hurley products are made from natural ingredients that are good and safe, and are free from toxic and harmful ingredients to skin and hair.

The brand name and visual identity created by Widarto Impact are inspired by Harley Davidson, which symbolizes the manliness and manhood of a man. By replacing the letter A with the letter U in the word Harley to Hurley, it looks more masculine and luxurious.

This expression of valor and masculine character is expressed throughout the brand identity, from letters for logos, graphic language, to color palettes, and photography.

The Hurley typeface symbolizes the masculine, luxurious, manly, and good looks. This typeface is chosen from the side of the curve, as well as the weight of the contrasting strokes.

For the typeface, product label name and tagline, selected from the Sans Serif Ambit family, and the Serif Baskerville Pro family that gives a luxurious impression. These three elements when put together into one very strong identity element to represent the Hurley brand image.

The Hurley brand color is “Greenley”, the color name is taken from a combination of dark pastel yellow which has a luminance of about 38%. It has a hue value of 70 ° indicating that it is a cool color. This color will continue to be communicated throughout all brand accents such as packaging, social channels, websites, stationery, and other brand identities.

Photography has a very big role in brand identity. Models are laid back and manly to exude freedom, nature and of course the Hurley brand image. The combination of blending logos when attached to photography has increased the emotional impact on the Hurley product brand.

For the graphic elements, we put together a tight mix of geometric curves to reflect the growth of the beard. These graphic elements are displayed on the packaging, and several media according to the strategy and the desired impact when these graphic elements are displayed.

What’s Unique?

The strong logotype combined with the color “Greenley” makes the brand look more luxurious, manly, and reflects the personality and dreams of consumers.