Design: lovemedo branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Pre-prepared food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, cardboard

In this project, our customer is KDV, one of the largest food holding companies in Russia. The holding also includes the retail chain Yarche with its almost 700 grocery corner stores in Siberia, Moscow and Moscow Oblast. The company had already tried to sell pre-prepared food of its own production at Yarche one year ago, but the line turned out to be too simple, looked cheap and was not really in favor.

The company decided to change the concept of the chain to attract a new audience: more young people and those who care about healthy ingredients of the products.

There were several important points to be taken into account while developing the design. Firstly, the line is meant for a large number of product items. It is planned that after some time, it will include up to one hundred various dishes and drinks. A corporate identity system for such a brand should consider all options for expanding the range of products. Secondly, before buying any product, a customer has to pay attention to its packaging, feel the appetite and want to try what is inside. At the same time, the entire READY2EAT line is sold in closed packaging — the food is not visible. This means, the design should attract attention and whet the appetite.

The adaptive style system consists of elements that are usually associated with products of higher quality: dark background, spectacular food photos, vibrant color accents.