Москва, Россия

Design: Uniqorn
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Seafood
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Flow-Pack / Plastic
Printing Process: Offset printing

Packaging design of seafood from Vietnam.

Our loyal customers and friends Tamtamfoods have set the task to develop the positioning and packaging design for the seafood brand in the middle price group. Since 2008, the company has been carrying out wholesale deliveries of fish and marine products to the Russian market for large retailers. Further, the products are sold under various brands and their privet label.

At the moment, both aquaculture products, that is, those grown on fish farms in the Mekong Valley, and free catch in the Pacific Ocean are sold. Steak and fillet of pangasius fish, Tuna, king prawns, sea cocktail. The range of products is constantly growing. Vietnam is traditionally one of the largest suppliers of seafood to the Russian market. At the same time, even in the “zero” years, a strange way there was a negative reputation of certain Vietnamese brands, although quality control is carried out at the state level.

Production capacity in all sectors is growing at a furious pace. Vietnam successfully enters the European markets and not only with traditional products, but also offers its own delicacies and industrial goods, they say they have even started to produce their own cars. And Russian tourists visiting this country have a positive opinion of the cuisine and the quality of the ingredients. In general, the demand for Vietnamese products is growing, and the reputation of brands is improving. The management of Tamtamfoods and its subsidiary distributor Amifish have decided to release products under their own brand. As a brand positioning, it was decided to emphasize the country of seafood production, Vietnam.