Design: Valentina Zigangirova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE art and design school
Tutor: Elisabeth Kopay-gora
Packaging Contents: Modeling Paste
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal Tube & Paper

Cool, what is it? This is modeling paste.

Problem: these goods have faceless and unclear packaging.

Solution: make colorful packaging with clear and simple information on it.

Some notes:
Black background of the packaging means that the modeling paste more siutable for professionals. White color means it’s siutable for newbies. The colors of the characters are responsible for the color of the clay.

What’s Unique?
Modeling pastes are very popular among young creative people, who wants packaging inspire them for new ideas. The “FORMA” pastes are packed in a tube with characters. Its upper part rotates, which allows you to create new characters in one movement.