Volta Studio


Design: VOLTA Brand Shaping Studio
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Promotional
Client: Avery Dennison
Packaging Contents: Wine, Olive Oil, Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles

Change perceptions
VOLTA was challenged by the multi national labelling solutions company Avery Dennison to help them promote a new technology: Label’Glass®. This type of labels help you get the look and feel of glass embossing, embellishing bottles or other high-end applications with decorative raised emblems, which can save a lot of time and money.

To show its potential, VOLTA created the Prominent Collection: a series of bottles using Label’Glass® to change your visual and tactile perceptions of embossing.

The Collection includes a Red wine from the Douro — CREASE 41, an extra virgin olive oil – STRATO and a perfume for men – PLATEAU. Each use Label’Glass® in a unique, differentiating way, showing the potential this kind of labels and technology can offer. They stand out as very premium products, with their embossed designs highlighting its quality and exclusive look & feel.

A brochure was also created, where actual physical Label’glass labels were attached to the bottle’s images, for one to get the actual visual and tactile feelings of this technique.

CREASE41 – Douro DOC Red Wine
The ravishing region of the Douro, with its steep, staired slopes, lies on latitude 41.

The Douro river, surrounded by rich, colourful and distinctive vineyards and its quasi-labirintic twists and turns, is a natural crease on the Portuguese map, dividing north from south, east from west. Crease 41, a monovarietal red wine using probably the finest of the Portuguese grape varieties — Touriga Nacional — is a celebration of the geography of this unique region and its extraordinary river.

We used Label’Glass® to blend the Northern hemisphere latitude’s horizontal rows with the curvy river course. The two labels show the Douro location, highlighting the bottle design visual concept and its sensory appeal.

STRATO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Strato is an Extra Virgin Oil, pressed from the finest selection of organically only produced olives. Its clean design shows the importance of the soil and all its nutrient-rich layers (Strato): all the leafy and imposing olive trees that rise from this generous soils have deep and web-like roots, that dig through to get the nourishment needed to grow the unrivaled olives used in Strato. Label’Glass® is ideal to emulate the grainy rich soil where the olive trees grow, giving the bottle an added premiumness and texture.

PLATEAU – Eau de Parfum
A sophisticated scent for the contemporary man. With pure violet flower extracts, its flirty and fresh scent is a peaceful challenge on the constant movement and changes of daily life: Plateau is for the one that quietly and steadily elevates himself and his spirit, slowing down the clock but not the mind.

The circular Label’Glass® used in the bottle, in line with the stepped bottle top, helps to visualize the elevation of a plateau and works as a metaphor for the multi-faceted lifestyle of the modern man.