Design: Ximena Ureta
Location: Chile
Project Type: Produced
Client: Concha y Toro
Photographer: Macarena Álvarez
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle and paper
Printing Process: Offset

Diablo Black is a pact with the extraordinary, where the serious and traditional give way to the sophisticated and disruptive. It is an intriguing and attractive brand, in which the Devil is the protagonist who seeks out those who want to be tempted by a wine that reflects his dark and mysterious style. 6 months that make the difference, 6 weeks that define a style, 6 days that are the precise time for perfection. The winemaking process follows Diablo’s characteristic style.

The creative challenge for Diablo Black was to visually represent the Devil’s mysterious, intriguing, sophisticated, irreverent, dark and elegant personality: a personality that would produce a strong attraction to the extraordinary. To combine the tradition of the wine industry and the modernity of the brand’s spirit. The challenge for a label like this is to design a packaging that could appeal several markets in the world.

The brand focuses on the most daring and demanding consumers, who value brands that set them apart as unique individuals. They select wines based not only on their quality or winemaking characteristics, but also on the values that the brand stands for. They care about their image and seek out brands that can contribute something to their personal style, with value proposals that go beyond the product itself, expanding to include a broader experience.

The difficulties in the technical delivery for this project were very demanding. Several tests were made to achieve, among many things, the printing of the colors on shiny gold foil, so that the Devil’s face could be seen between blacks, reds and gold foil with a burnt appearance.

Diablo Black is a wine that combines the tradition of the acclaimed terroir of Maule, southern Chile, with superior winemaking know-how. With grapes that have ripened to perfection, it has delicious notes of black fruits, and is generous, flavorful, dark and mysterious. Diablo is enriched by the earth and energized by its molten core.

Label: Offset printed in 7 special colors on Estate #8 – Self-adhesive, matt gold foil, stamp and UV Satin varnish.