Location: South Korea
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Plain noodles
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

It is no exaggeration to say that flour used in Korea depends almost on imports. Imported wheat is likely to be used excessively in the process of cultivation, and pesticides such as pesticides and preservatives are likely to be treated so that they do not deteriorate in the process of introducing them in Korea. Experts say that even after cleaning, these pesticides are not completely removed, so they cannot escape from the body and continue to accumulate in the body.

“Organic Korean Wheat Noodles” by the eco-friendly brand “Half Noodle” is an organic noodle made from wheat that was born and grown on our land.

Organic noodles did not use synthetic flavouring agents or synthetic colorants, as well as denatured starch and acidity control agents to deliver the nutritional and savory taste of wheat. In addition, the noodles are chewy and taste good with the know-how of artisans who have only made noodles for several years.

The harp contains the elasticity of nature and the value of a healthy and rich life. Harp is best known as the instrument of God with numerous strings. It replaced an art-seeking lifestyle that seeks free and healthy food itself by reflecting organic foods that were closest to our lives in the form of harp, which was considered only a symbol of the rich. Food is flexible like half strings, giving sufficient visual pleasure, and at the same time, it gives consumers credibility by excluding excessive expression.

What’s Unique?
Koreans, who have adhered to traditional processing methods, have always made noodles by combining healthy ingredients, not additives. The visual was combined under the traditional processing method. Western instruments added artistic inspiration to the lives of Koreans. Thus, the combination of harp and noodles was designed with a new plan of art in which food was melted into life, and the concept of visual pleasure and eating art at the same time as healthy food.