Derrick Lin


Design: Yash Munot
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MITID
Tutor: Prachi Shah
Packaging Contents: Flour
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard / Plastic / Aluminium
Printing Process: Flexography

Flour or commonly known as ‘ATTA’ in India is a very essential element of the typical Indian kitchen , not a day goes by without the use of wheat flour. Aashirvaad by ITC is one of the major ready to use flour sellers in India. The current packaging of Aashirvaad atta follows a very basic concept of heat sealed PET POLY packets with exuberant Indian graphics for relevancy. After a comprehensive research, there were a few pain points to observed and solved through simple design.

The redesigned concept is all about basic functionality with the exuberant Indian style . A unique new form inspired by the pouch design itself , with length as the dominating side. The form provides profound benefits to not just the end user but also to the manufacturer and logistics. Standing stable on it’s own , eliminating the need to transfer the Atta into a secondary container. Aided with the easily removable plastic lid , which provides great accessibility physically and visually. The new packaging also features smooth nylon loops on parallel sides for easy carrying and transportation.

The concept displays a simple set of graphics with highlights of the vibrant Indian aesthetics. The redesigned logo symbolises food grown naturally throw traditional methods , and the white ring depicting sun as the main resource similarly seen in the previous logo. Cabourg OT bold as the main font is inherent from the original version , which depicts traditional aesthetics and is ease to read. The front side shows a rusty Illustration of a stone chakki and flour bags , which makes clear of the content inside. The orange bands encircling the body has a repeated print inspired from the Madhubani painting done in Madhya Pradesh. The graphics also include easy detail panels , shown on the back side which communicates the basic information by ditching the chaos and being much more organised for the end user.

A combination of simple form and vibrant graphics aim to provide a much elevated user experience , which in return increases customer base and promotes brand loyalty.