Aïn Saïss – The Atlas water

Design: Morillas Branding
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Aïn Saïss
Product Launch Location: Morocco
Packaging Contents: Drinking water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Aïn Saïss, the brand behind the water of exceptional purity that comes from the Middle Atlas Mountains, needed to launch a specific packaging for the hospitality sector, without missing the change to make the product emerge in the sophisticated environment together with the best wines and liquors.

One of the purest elements of the world should be treated as a magical piece, resemblant to that of a jewel. With that in mind, the design sought inspiration on the imagery of the architectural elements of the Arab buildings and Moroccan culture by reinterpreting their globally recognized Arabian tiles’ designs. The bottle was partly covered by an elegant pattern that allows a sinuous movement of the light creating kaleidoscopic reflections.

The lightness and purity of water are conveyed through the transparency of the bottle that outlines the unique personality of the product and elevates it to the utmost important. At the same time, the colour range, within the same pattern, identity the sparkling and mineral varieties.

The result is a bottle inspired by the source of origin that celebrates the feeling of freshness and unique well-being that come from the Hammou Guemguem source, not far from Oulmès, in the Moroccan Atlas mountain range.