Design: Zero Studios
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Enjjoy
Product Lifestyle Shots: Party of One & Kyoko Hamada
Portrait Photography: Savanna Ruedy
Makeup Artist: Karol Rodriguez
Hair Stylist: Anike Rabiu
Hair & Makeup Agency: Shideh Kafei
3D Renders: Hampus Lideborg
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: CBD
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

The rise of CBD has become one of the most exciting new developments in the health and wellness industry, featuring a growing list of new brands that cater to every need — from relieving aches to providing calm. But this success has also resulted in oversaturation, making it hard for each brand to stand out and make its message heard. Facing this challenge, Qualis Standard, one of Nevada’s fastest growing hemp-based CBD manufacturers, turned to digitally-native branding agency Zero, to reinvent the category with the launch of its latest brand, Enjjoy.

With Enjjoy, Qualis saw an opportunity to use its considerable capabilities to introduce the highest quality direct-to-consumer product at a price that no one else can match. Seeing Zero’s past success in launching standout CBD brands, Qualis trusted the agency to give their new products a voice and to develop a multi-tiered, “mass-pirational” approach that would help Enjjoy communicate its brand mission. Zero delivered, with not only designs — including branding, packaging, content creation, and website design — but a full go-to-market strategy.

“We’ve been able to work with them on everything, from their name, to their mascot ‘Roy’, to the tone of the visuals, to their approach to e-commerce,” explains Zero Creative Director Chelsea Goldwell. “From the start, it was clear that Qualis Standard trusted the process and our collaboration together, which allowed us to try some really interesting ways of telling their story and injecting some fun into the category.”

One of those fun surprises included a complementary Enjjoy EP called “Now That’s What I Call CBD Volume 10”. Conceived by Zero and recorded by Justin Krol & Quinn Scharber, the five-track mini-album features infectious grooves and soaring vocals, covering topics ranging from the educational to the absurd. Standouts include “Enjjoy Theme”, which takes listeners on a rainbow road of guitar riffs and lilting harmonies. Meanwhile, “No, It Won’t Get You High” goes full pop-starlet in explaining what CBD will and won’t do.

“Originally, we were going to put together a list of things people don’t know about CBD, as a ‘commonly asked questions’ resource that would also function as a way to explain Enjjoy’s value proposition,” say Zero Creative Director Mark Goldwell. “But eventually, that idea evolved into something more ambitious. We wanted to help people enter Enjjoy’s world of CBD — one that’s a happy party where everyone’s invited — so we decided to make a theme song to ease people into the brand. And then the concept just grew from there.“

Ultimately, Zero’s work on Enjjoy is a testament to the agency’s ability to take a client from an idea, all the way to launch — collaborating with designers, stylists, photographers and musicians to develop a brand with a singularly imaginative approach. “We love building brands that everyone can enjoy,” continues Chelsea Goldwell. “This was a brand and project that was close to our hearts, both as believers in the benefits of CBD and the power of a great brand to champion a fun, positive message. When we can work together with a partner who really believes in our expertise and the collaboration we have together, that’s when we’re able to really make something special. We can’t wait for everyone to see, feel and hear what Enjjoy has to offer.”