Derrick Lin


Design: Akanksha
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Kulfi (Indian dessert)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Kachcha Dhaga is a brand that is developed to embody the uniqueness of Indian culture while also resonating with every consumer’s childhood memories. “Aao Milo, Shilo Shalo , Kachcha Dhaga Race Lagalo” is one such game that highlights how we Indians confront someone upset with an endless supply of sweets. Whether it was being taken out for ice-cream or relishing in Rasmalai, we’ve all been there! Kachcha Dhaga is one such brand that promotes all handcrafted Indian items made with love, including our beloved Kulfi packaging.We have introduced packaging for three types of flavoured Kulfis; Pista, Gulkand and Mango.

The purpose here is to keep up the traditional legacy flourishing while letting consumers experiencing the Indianness in day-to-day products.The varied culture is the inheritance here which should be established as the lifeline of commercial sectors too, so, we are working towards that with the help of Kachcha Dhaga.

The idea of Kachcha Dhaga resonates with the Indian colourful heritage and the same goes with the packaging too. For Gulkand, we chose our design inspiration from the very famous Indian city Agra whereas for Pista & Mango, we picked up Kashmir and Maharashtra, simultaneously. The designs are vibrant and offer a glimpse of the fullness of the city wise style. As seeking Kashmir, we find rich thread work as a part of its cultural heritage, while for Agra & Maharashtra, we find Taj Mahal & Gateway of India having great symbolic representation.

Here, we have used these as imprints on our kulfi packets. Also, our packaging is first of its kind offering prevention against dripping down of melted kulfis. There is a small storage kind of attribution attached which collects the melted part of Kulfis and makes user experience trouble-free. Importantly, we have taken care of the materials used in packaging as we aim to promote sustainable environment- friendly product existence.