Camlin Kokuyo Transparent Photo Colors

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Derrick Lin


Design: Nikita Jaiswal
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: National School of Design
Tutor: Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Packaging Contents: Transparent Photo Colors
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Beige Card sheet, Cellophane sheet(for visibile windows), Canvas ribbon (for handle)
Printing Process: Digital Printing with UV coating

The packaging of any product is the very first product experience for a user. This project attempts to identify and redesign the existing packaging of Camlin Kokuyo Transparent photo colors, which is frustrating to use. And also, to think of sustainable packaging design solutions to the identified problems.

Camlin Kokuyo Transparent photo colors’ existing packaging was studied, analyzed, and redesigned based on user-testing and feedbacks. They are one such product (coloring medium), which lasts for long but the existing packaging doesn’t sustain for that longer period. The aim of redesigning the packaging was to achieve an easy user experience of the product packaging, which is also sustainable and efficient to use.

What’s Unique?
The efficient interaction with the product and an added life to the packaging, complimenting the products’ long-term use, is what makes this design unique. It is designed with a color palette storage slot, to hold the dedicated palette for this color medium and make the reusing of colors easier.