Rebase Design

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Design: Akkshit Khattar
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Doaba Dhaba
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: North Indian Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Clay Pot, Banana Leaf & Recycled Paper

Doaba Dhaba ‘Create your own unique flavours’

The name ‘Doaba’ comes from the fertile Doab region of Punjab, India. Nestled between the banks of the two historic rivers: Beas & Sutlej. It’s a region known for its rich flavors and the aftertaste that lingers on long after one has devoured the dish. They attempted to strike a balance between two qualities. One, the visceral experience of a home cooked Punjabi meal. Two, the efficiency & convenience of a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).

This nascent cloud kitchen concept gives the customer the bandwidth of selecting their own choice of food, in their own choice of cooking, and their own choice of gravy to go with. The dishes primarily are North Indian and catering to the typical tastes that people in India have gotten accustomed to.

Doaba Dhaba aims to be sustainable in every aspect of the value chain. Their prime focus is sourcing basic raw materials such as cottage cheese from the milk of only the local buffalo and only organically grown chicken and mushrooms so that they can provide the customer food, which is free of any chemicals or injectable steroids.

The brand Identity and packaging is designed keeping in mind their values of authenticity and sustainability. The identity reflects the rustic and organic feel of the brand. The meal is delivered keeping in mind, again that the environment is not harmed and thus ensuring that the customer gets their food in clean & sustainable packaging. The main dishes are packed in Handis (clay pots), handcrafted by local artisans. The rotis and naans (flat breads) are packed in banana leaves held together by jute threads. These go into a bag made of recycled paper. Finally, Electric Vehicles are used to deliver the food, to minimise carbon footprint.