Have a Good Day (Re-packaging Daiso items)

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Derrick Lin


Design: Siew Chew Yue
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: The One Academy
Tutor: Amy Ng
Packaging Contents: Stationery, Bandaids
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Maple White, Artcard papers
Printing Process: Digital Printing

A simple item could hold a power to comfort and compensate people especially during their depressing periods in so many ways. Wanting something fun and comforting to be applied on mediums which would be unconsciously be a part of everyone’s significant daily. I stroll in dollar stores a lot (Daiso), examined any affordable items people any ages would usually need to own, and I could create another significant purpose to it. (through labels or packaging)

A cheap pack of bandaid that hold onto and heal your small wounds, a simple bar of eraser I believe people never once in their lives had not lend to friends in school, simple yet comforting daily items, ‘Have a good day’ is a simple and perfect phrase for it. It is what people would say to each other, your family when you ‘re leaving the house, your friends when you’re leaving them, and even strangers who you just paid in a random convenient store. It’s a well known reminder people used when a person starts to leave their comforting place.

Our lives doesn’t just evolve on huge conflicts. There’s so much more to look out for if we value our livings more, how the rest of our days goes and how will they end. ‘Eat more rice’, ‘Dont get sick’, ‘Stand straight’, sometimes a person wouldn’t feel completely alone when they are reminded or concerned about small improving routines, which could unexpectedly ended up being the secret ingredient to have a good day.

What’s Unique?
The vibrant colors and imaginary illustrations which are based on real life inspiration, poignant stories and friends (free to visit yuehere.com to get to know each significant stories) which were carefully yet playfully illustrated onto every prints, serving the purpose of adding colors to the consumers’ living, companying and giving full comfort especially during this depressing period. (pandemic)