Derrick Lin


Design: Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
Tutor: Leonid Slavin
Packaging Contents: Milkshake

It was educational project. I need to make a milkshake. Milkshake is a dessert drink based on milk and ice cream, one of the symbols of American cuisine. A variety of fruits can be added to add a variety of flavors to the cocktail. Whipped cream is used to decorate milkshakes. With all this in mind, the number of options for milkshakes is almost limitless.

The main idea is the image of the cocktail through the movie “Clockwork orange”, in which the main characters were drinking the cocktail “milk”. On my packaging, the hero is a clockwork fruit. And this cocktail is intended more for adults than for children. The packaging is based on the same typography. This font was chosen for a reason, black letters located on a white background are associated with spots on a cow, creating the image of a milkshake.