Dronningholm Rebranding


Design: Pointbleu Design
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Saarioinen
Product Launch Location: Finland
Packaging Contents: Jam
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Jar
Printing Process: Flexo, Dry Offset & Offset

The challenge of the project was to transform Dronnningholm’s graphic universe, without compromising its image as an authentic, traditional and natural product, known for being a handmade labour of love. Based on the Brand Essence the “Tradition’s secret”, we decided to highlight the details that Dronnningholm has carefully maintained for more than 50 years. To achieve this, we created a series of 15 hand-made illustrations with a botanic and elegant touch. These were aimed at demonstrating the care with which their fruits are chosen Regarding its 50 years of tradition, we kept the serif-style typeface, though we made it somewhat bolder to mimic the satisfaction of tasting such truly delicious fruit.

Furthermore, we retouched the original red to make it a little darker, similar to the precious colours that fruits take when they are slowly stewed to make jam. Last but not least, we changed the label material for a texturized paper, to remind us of those secret recipes that our grandmothers kept safe. A warm and human touch, for a regal jam that satisfies even the most demanding of palates.