Agency: SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM) Branding Agency
Creative & Design Director: Valerii Sumilov
Visualizer: Maxim Kulikov
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine, beverage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Printing, stamping, embossing, tactile varnish, selective varnish

Bolgrad is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian alcohol market. It is a successful brand that manufactures and sells alcoholic products such as sparkling wine, wine, brandy, and fruit distillates. Back in the day, the appearance of Bolgrad brandy brought with it a wow factor that blew up the Ukrainian brandy market. Once an iconic product, over time, the fact that was in dire need of an update and renewal had become evident.

We were tasked with carefully preserving the product’s DNA, its recognizability, and character while developing a fresh, relevant product identity — a system of communication between the brand and consumer — that is, we were tasked with executing a total restyling.

We’re talking about a comprehensive restyling, covering the entire product, from the bottle to the label. And while the bottle underwent an updated in its aesthetic style to maintain the continuity and recognizability of the product, the label design was completely overhauled. An entirely new brand identity was created, and in the future, it will form the basis for updating all of the brand’s other product lines.

The comprehensive restyling included the implementation of the following tasks:

  • restyling the 0.5L brandy bottle
  • restyling the 0.25L bottle
  • restyling of the brand identity
  • designing the 0.5L and 0.25L label sets
  • designing the cap and cork
  • designing the souvenir and shipping boxes

A unique combination of post-printing technologies was developed for manufacturing the label, which makes the updated product more appealing to the consumer and makes it stand out on the shelf.

What’s Unique?
Sometimes there is no harder task than reimagining something that is already well-designed and successful on the market. We are regularly faced with the task of updating an established product while maintaining its market position and ensuring that it will remain relevant and competitive for years to come. This project was no exception.