Lucaffe Italian Coffee


Delhi, India

Design: DesignerPeople
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lucaffe
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

A journey from a small artisan coffee roaster to significant coffee suppliers in Italy and now the entire world, it’s the passion and potency of Gian Luca Venturelli who leads the venture to become the global leader in the coffee industry.

Established in 1996 on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy, Gian Luca’s business developed, together with his coffee philosophy. With the practicality and product advertising support, Lucaffee brands and products are now available in more than 45 major countries.

Being a global brand having a reputed patrimony, the brand has always realized the importance of packaging design. But this present time, as the distinguished brand accomplishing its glorious 25 years, the Lucaffee brand approached DesignerPeople with the proposal of instigating a modern and inventive icon celebrating their silver jubilee.

What’s Unique?
Retaining the international trade of the product in mind, we endeavour to render the most hallowed ITALIAN frolic culture in the packaging. We did not disrupt its existing color to retain the brand image, but we made significant changes in the fonts and the images, making the packaging reach the next level.