Design: SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM) Branding Agency
Designer, brand expert, creative director: Valerii Sumilov
Visualizer: Maxim Kulikov
Location: Moldova
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Wine, beverage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Printing, stamping, embossing, tactile varnish, selective varnish

Armenian brandy is quite a traditional product with its own established stylistic canons. How does one go about creating an image for an Armenian brandy, making it stand out in its category? We undertook this challenge by developing an Armenian brandy called Areni.

We executed an comprehensive branding campaign. Our task wasn’t to make just another label for another Armenian brandy. But to develop a product that will confidently take pride of place in the Ukrainian alcohol market. To create a completely new way of communicating with the consumer and give them a fresh and in some ways surprising image of Armenian brandy.

We worked with an existing bottle. What made it special was that traditionally tall and elongated bottles weren’t used by Armenian brandy producers.

Early on, we chose to abandon all the traditional Armenian brandy-related ideas, such as the outline of Mount Ararat, the image of the sun in bright colors, and the rich use of traditional Armenian ornaments.

We based the brand concept on the Caucasian combat dagger with its rich tradition of artistic metalworking. It is central to the overall branding. Both in accentuation and in the use of rich post-printing effects.

Our goal was to create an uncluttered design that would fully transmit the spirit of an expensive, high-quality, virile product. A design that will attract its target audience and make the product stand out on the shelf.

From a technical viewpoint, the label is quite complex to manufacture. The workmanship in some elements is as involved as making jewelry. We used the best technology to get an outstanding result.