Derrick Lin


Designer: Keelie Chadwick
Founder and Creative Director: Lucy Yiasoumi
Photographer: Mario Yiasoumi
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Little Leo’s
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Baby and Toddler meals
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recyclable plastic container with cardboard sleeve
Printing Process: Digital printing

We have newly launched this game-changing baby and toddler food and would love to spread the word as much as possible and gain more awareness for this much needed product. The brand was created after weaning my son and finding that the UK baby food market is in much need of change. The readily-available shop bought baby food pouches are heat treated to such a high temperature, so to kill bacteria…but it also destroys the flavour and nutritional profile of the food. On many occasions – the food is actually older than the baby it is purchased for! We have worked so far with a limited budget but have collaborated with an extremely talented designer (and friend) who we would like to recognise for her amazing work on this project. The brief was for baby/toddler meal packaging – to be fun, but not childish, colourful but not garish and to illustrate as per the meal title. We think she has done a perfect job and are really pleased with the end result!

What’s Unique?
Unlike many baby foods today, we have a more adult colour palette and illustration whilst still appealing to young eyes and remaining a “fun” brand to look at. The packaging shape is unique and allows for a much more sensorial experience vs most other baby foods – the product can be eaten directly from the packaging (handy for parents) if heating on the go and allows the consumer to see all the colours and properly see and smell the meal directly from the packaging givne the larger surface area exposed by this product shape.